Fall Fashion Trends 2016-17

If you want to be the most fashionable person in the room, you better be wearing a whole lot of ‘attitude’. That’s exactly what this season is all about. From the exciting Royal set to the fur decor, this season has it all.

Designers are always looking to the ‘bizarre’ for inspiration and this season seems to be a real eye opener. The simple reason being the very flux in today’s fashion world where it’s all about living in the moment. It’s a very ‘see now, buy now’ exodus that keeps people looking for the bold to be beautiful.

Top Trends This Fall Include –

1. The Gender Grab –

That’s right; we are breaking the spectrum! Throw on a nice pinstripe suit or a blazer to match with trousers for that business ensemble that is sure to get heads turning. Ralph Lauren and DKNY have been busy in this segment.

2. Color Me Pretty –

It’s all about catching the eyes. Indigo blue is in this season! But you may want to be careful while pairing it with those denims. Chanel and Stella McCartney have been seen throwing around the saffron and honey colored designs while Nina Ricci put out a stunning scarlet on the catwalk.

Look for colors that appeal. Not too loud, not to shy either.

3. it’s All About Layers –

You’d probably want to keep warm this winter. That’s why we are looking at layers. Not just those usual skirts over pants. We are looking for sophistication meeting elegance.

You have Moschino putting out a fabulous open shoulder gold spaghetti flow over a transparent tank top. We’re bringing back the 80’s! It’s Jackets over Shirts over Vests.

4. Designs to Set You Apart

Strips are handy in getting that second glance. But mix it up with complementary colors, and you’ll be spinning heads. We are thinking, a scarf, sweater, and cardigan, all stripped by rich in color.

5. Winter Pleats

You’ve got Gucci firing up the catwalk with stunning designs in pleated dresses with dual colors. Couple that warm feel with a breathtaking color combination and you’re going to be way ahead of the crowd.

6. The Outside Counts Too

It’s winter! You need jackets, jumpers or coats that stand out. Escada and Hermes profiled oversized jumpers with belts at the waist to keep them cinched. You have your choices including fur and leather depending on whether you want to pamper yourself or be the life of the party.

7. Redefining Velvet

From coats to trousers, velvet has to come out of your closet. The material is perfect for beating the cold and gives you a ravishing flavor or colors with the light shimmering over its gorgeous touch.

That smooth layer brings out your skin, and you can find everything from jackets to high boots in velvet.

8. Chokers

It doesn’t matter whether you like chunky or the soft silky chokers. Make sure you have one around your neck to compliment that cocktail dress or suit you have running your statement.

9. Shearling Coats

Sure, lace and transparency are captivating to the eye, but leaving that feministic blend aside and keeping comfort in mind, the shearling coat is perfect. You can have them long or short and still keep elegance floating away with maximum comfort throughout this winter.

10. Long Sleeves and Hoodies

Cover up and get comfortable in loose clothes. Extra long sleeves are a great way to keep warm through this winter and no – it isn’t all that mainstream!

Hoodies are bound to get you noticed. Pick up a hoodie with a great design and don’t hold back on showing it off to the world.