Fighting Animal Poaching on Three Fronts, with Bova UK

Nick Bova is a mainstay for veterinary care in the UK. He is a wide support of the Australian Veterinary Association, which works with many smaller entities to bring support in animal care. But, Bova’s recent focus has been in animal poaching. He has promoted many different angles to fight against poaching and build an infrastructure that deters it dramatically. Bova UK has helped push these agendas to legislation.

Three Strategies for One Big Fight

The fight is not accomplished with one strategy. It is fought on three fronts. Individuals of all kinds can support Bova in the area of politics, ground support, and medicine. The first is the political support, which helps usher in financial support for veterinary care and animal safety and treatment. The political system can dictate what is legal and to what degree.

Yet, political support can only get so far. Many poachers are disinterested about the extent of legality, as it is not a formidable deterrent. The battle can be fought at the ground level, and that includes men and women out in the fields and supporting the animals. Corporations, such as Bova UK, are supporting these endeavors directly.

The third area of support comes from huge medicinal resources. The animals need medicine. There is not a strong incentive for large pharmaceutical companies to support these efforts. Bova UK hopes to change that. His company had a step in the right direction through the legal production of sterile specials for horses.

Bova UK and Manufacturing

Bova is not new to this industry. He has even recently ushered in pharmaceutical changes. His company is now the only one to be allowed to manufacture sterile specials for horse treatment in the UK. Large companies did not go through these steps due to the small scale of the marketplace. It was not financially profitable for them.

Bova UK will now help usher in treatments for horses that were not available before. It could even encourage largely backed pharmaceutical entities to move into smaller markets and bring their resources along. Nick Bova is a shining light in a tough industry, and his support has saved many animal lives, from pets to the poaching targets.

Readers who want to take action can learn more from The Linkedin profile of Nick Bova covers many different resources. It also chronicles his history in veterinary care and support.