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The Last Remants of the Bad Boy Days

Before I moved to Singapore, I used to hang out with a pretty bad crowd in my late teen years. We would some and drink and we even got tattoos to represent our group. I wouldn’t exactly say we were a gang, because we didn’t go around doing illegal acts on other people, but we did do some things that weren’t appropriate for our age, and we had bad attitudes. Recently I visited the aesthetic doctors in Singapore to get rid of the tattoos that I had during that era. We all grew out of our ways from those days, and I wanted to say goodbye to the bad decisions of my past.

There was one tattoo that I couldn’t even believe that I had gotten. I must have been drunk at the time when I decided to get that one. The tattoo was on my butt, and it was a picture of a famous tennis player. I was a fan of this tennis player, and even at one point wanted to be like him. Continue reading

the key elements of great locksmiths

The inhabitants of the polar region and places close to the polar region use furs to make quality headwear to endure the chilling cold winter. This fur varies from shape, size, texture, and colors. There are synthetic and Natural furs and they differ in quality and durability. You might want to know the difference between them to preferably choose the best quality fur hats to keep yourself warm all throughout the cold winter.

Natural fur is the renewable and sustainable resource which is comparatively environmental friendly than a synthetic. Natural fur is organic matters that are biodegradable, unlike synthetic furs. Synthetic, for instance, like other synthetics and plastics which are made out of petrochemicals do not break down and remain in the landfills harming the natural habitat of the animals and plants living on the earth.

Natural fur has the ability to endure adversity and return to its original form quicker than a synthetic; it also lasts longer than a synthetic fur when cared for properly and in an ideal manner. Industry manufacturing natural furs have entered into an agreement with the International Humane trapping standards to ensure, comply and improve the welfare of the wildlife. Sable hats, mink hats men, sable hats are examples of natural furs which are taken from Sables and minks (In the wild and ranched both). Abercrombie, America Apparel, Billabong, The gap, and H&M are few brands popularly known for synthetic furs.

Ways to differentiate Natural Fur Hats from synthetic or faux fur hats:

Look for labels when you buy a hat.

As the value of utility and quality of natural fur is more than a synthetic, therefore, the price of the faux hat will be relatively lower! So, do not let the price fool you in any way.

When you slide your fingers through a real fur a smooth, soft and sleek feel will pass through your fingers. On the other hand, faux furs are comparatively coarse and rough to touch!

Check the base of the fur for skin or fabric-checking the base of the fur can help you identify a real fur hat from a faux. When you push aside the fur and look at the material at the base, if you find the base to be white or tan, then it is natural. On the other hand for a faux had you will probably find threadworks beneath the fur.

Check the tips of the hairs- If you minutely go through the structure of the hairs in the fur you will that the hairs in a natural fur will taper. This can be done by plucking out one of the longest hair and examining it.

The burn test- This can be done to find out that a hat you had in possession is a real fur or a faux. Like human hair, the hair of the animals smells the same when burned; while fake fur hats made out of petrochemicals or polyester does not. We recommend that you do not conduct the test with the furs intact to the garments. The test should preferably be conducted by an adult who has a good sense organs.

Every Place Has to Be Perfect

I thought college was a hard experience, but the real challenge was the real world. I was faced with the task of apartments for rent in Santa Fe NM after leaving college, and it was something that I wasn’t prepared to face. Choosing the right school is tough, but choosing the right living place can be even tougher, because you have to play for it with your own money, and you have to make sure that it’s a great place to live, as you’ll be in a lease for a period of time. I looked at the apartments with a critical eye, and was quick to dismiss everything over what I considered to be minor imperfections.

Being critical of places is good to a degree, as you can miss out on some truly great places if you deem everything unworthy. I asked my parents to help me decide on a place, because they have a less critical eye than I do. When they chose their first apartment, they were ready to live just about anywhere that had a decent price. There weren’t many options that they could afford, so they had to make due. Their living conditions weren’t ideal, but they made the apartment their home while they were there.

I had a bigger list of favorable apartments after my parents helped, so the only thing left to do was to take a look at each one of these apartments and choose one. While looking at the apartments in person, my critical eye was kicking in again, and I was dismissing everything. There was one apartment that looked better than all of the ones I visited. I was ready to cast it aside, but I decided to let go of my attitude and give the apartment a chance. I’m glad I did, because I actually love the place.

I Made a Change out of the Blue Thanks to a Trip I Took

I lived on the gulf coast of Florida for many years, but I went to visit an old friend on the other coast last year and really liked it. The other coast looks so much different! While there, I began looking into a possible apartment in Jacksonville FL to see what they’re like and gather some preliminary info on pricing. I didn’t see anything that I disliked at all. I went home from that trip with the thought of possibly moving there in the back of my mind. I continued to think about it for another six months or so.

I had always lived in the same city. I grew up in the same city that I was born in. I even lived in the same home that I grew up, well into my 40s. Continue reading

What Are The Pros And Cons of Purchasing Waterproof Safety Shoes?

Proposed to withstand constant wetting, waterproof shoe are a kind of safety shoe that help you keep your feet dry and steady. Dry here doesn’t infer that your feet won’t get wet if you wear waterproof shoe; rather they will shield your feet from mischief and will help you remain comfortable despite when your feet are wet. You can buy your pair of waterproof shoes from trustworthy safety shoes manufacturers who offer best quality shoes.

These shoes are made of intense materials with the objective that they don’t partitioned or get the chance to be waterlogged when exhibited to reiterated wetting. Moreover, you can pick whether you have to buy a pair that is thoroughly waterproof or you essentially require a waterproof upper that is over the sole.

To help you settle on better choices while buying waterproof shoes here we’ve a few pros and cons of these shoes.

The Pros:

  • Your feet will remain dry and warm
  • The odds for affliction from frostbite reduces
  • Makes you remain agreeable and safe even in repulsive atmosphere


  • Your feet can get the chance to be hot in delicate atmosphere
  • Compared to ordinary models, waterproof security shoe will be less versatile
  • Compared to the non-waterproof shoes, these shoes are fairly heavier.

Nevertheless, the best safety shoes manufacturers in India are creating versatile and lightweight waterproof shoes at amazingly sensible expenses. Thus, the unfavourable conditions are reducing gradually.

How to buy?

It’s actual that you can value different points of interest from waterproof shoes. Regardless, you ought to be careful while selecting them as every maker claims to give the best. Here are the things that you ought to concentrate on while purchasing them:

  • Before you buy a pair couple of safety shoes, determine how you will use them and in which worksites.
  • Depending on their abilities and uses, you need to pick whether you require a waterproof upper or a covering. Waterproof covering will give you better breathability, however, covering respects wick away water.
  • Find safety shoes manufacturers in India that create a broad assortment of amazing safety shoes and offer them at not too bad expenses. Skim through to pick the best one.
  • When choosing a pair, put them on and have a walk wearing them. Make sure that you’re comfortable and can work putting them on.

The tips will help you buy the right pair of waterproof safety shoes that are urgent to remain safe at your workplace. These shoes are additionally perfect for individual uses.

Top 5 Fitness Clothing For Women From Love & Sweat

With the availability high-end products, Love & Sweat has become a trusted online store for fitness clothing for women. This store ensures that women’s workout apparels offer a perfect blend of comfort and style.

Here is the list of top five apparels from this online store, which are perfect for workouts and sporting activities.

1. Lole Laia Tennis Pleated Skort

Manufactured using elastane and polyester, this adorable skort has inspired the women to look attractive while playing tennis. This skort features quick-drying inner shorts to offer cooling effect for a longer duration. The availability of this skort at slashed price is also a major reason for its high popularity.

2. NUX Camden Legging

Made up of spandex and microfiber nylon, this legging features jacquard pattern to offer an appealing look. It is crafted in such a manner that women will experience superior fitting during low impact and high impact activities.

3. Brooks- Juno Sports Bra

This sports bra is engineered to offer multiple benefits during exercise sessions. It features powermesh zones on the back that are responsible for an optimum level of ventilation. The straps are front adjustable to ensure a custom fit. For preventing vertical breast movement, the bra possesses interior front yoke.

4. Love and Sweat Burnout Tank Top

This tank top from Love and Sweat is prepared using cotton to offer light-weight. The use of cotton also ensures optimum level of breathability. The top is created in such a manner that women will feel great about themselves during every second of a workout session. Several other tank tops from Love and Sweat feature inspirational messages to keep you motivated.

5. Joah Brown Bungalow Hoodie

This cozy looking hoodie is made up of modal and spandex to offer extra softness. The presence of faux leather drawstrings and kangaroo pocket adds layers of coolness to this hoodie. Being a favorite of customers, this hoodie is perfect for workout classes or just a relaxed evening.

These fitness apparels for women take the comfort to the new level and make sure that you stand out as the most attractive lady amongst the crowd. This online store keeps on updating the collection to transcend the expectations of ladies who are sporty at heart. Apart from the apparels, the women can also purchase sports accessories from the store like the tote bag, performance socks, and headbands.

The online store also offers ‘Gift Cards,’ which are available from 10-100 dollars, and can be gifted to the loved-ones. These ‘Gift Cards’ enable the receivers to purchase these classy athletic clothes from the online store.

Getting It Right With Your Leather Jacket!

Savvy guys are dope and very cool, especially in some very nice and fashionable jackets. Jackets add to the masculinity of the men race. Leather jackets are very amazing on guys; they can be worn over sweat shirts, t-shirts, casual tops etc. they are also great for all occasions be it formal, casual, and corporate. It also fits into all weathers.

Leather jackets come in varying colours and are for all age groups. Buying a Leather jackets for men is a very good investment for a guy’s wardrobe; it is worth every penny it costs, as they are usually expensive. It is bad investment when you buy a jacket and finds out that it isn’t genuine.

Here are some tips to take note of when going to buy your next or new leather jacket;

  • Avoid buying online- you don’t get to test your jacket if you make your purchase online, and leather jackets are good looking only if they are an exact size and well-fitting to the body (They should feel like an extension of your body). You can only choose to buy online if you can be allowed to return it’s not well fitting.
  • Know your style- there is different styles of leather jackets and they certainly won’t look good on all. These styles include the classic biker jacket, the motor cross or cafe racer (this has less zips and it’s figure hugging), military jackets (there are two basic types, the A-2 bomber and B-2 shearling made for pilots to keep them warm thousands of feet high up), fencing jacket.
  • Determine the animal skin you want- not all leathers are made from cow skin. There are other types of animal skin such as bovine (this is usually stiff and doesn’t wear in), calfskin (it’s softer and wears easily), goatskin (it’s supple, durable and water resistant), sheepskin (this is lighter, isn’t tough), lambskin (soft and light), pigskin (this is soft and pliable). The type of animal skin determines the durability of the jacket. For example for something light then go for the sheepskin or lambskin.
  • Know the leather type- there are varying types of leather to choose from. When going to buy a leather jacket, pay close attention to the type of leather you are choosing from, these leather types are varying based on the cuts.

 Full grain leather- this type is uncut and is used in its full texture. It makes use of the entire layer of animal skin. It is very thick and stiff, and it ages in a unique and beautiful way.

 Top layer grain- this is just the outer layer. The inner layers are removed. Its flexible and thin. It usually maintains the same look throughout its life.

 Corrected grain- this is a type of leather to run away from. It is artificial and not real at all.

  • Watch out for loose ends- check that the I’s are dotted and the T’s crossed.

Winter Wardrobe Coats Collection For Women

Retro Online Clothing and different online stores offer different kinds of coats and jackets but ladies feel a difficulty in finding the one as per their needs. Knowing the style and type of the coat or jacket help you in selecting the best one for your body that fits well and improve your personality. Ladies especially working women and college going students must have these coats in their winter wardrobe if they want to make style a necessary part of their life.

Cocoon Coat

Get a chic look in winter with cocoon coat. Retro online clothing considers it the most important piece as the demand of the coat significantly increases as the winter season sets in. Funnel neck, rough fabric, and front zip are the main features of the coat. Some online stores or brands place front pockets as well. Usually, the combination of polyester and wool is used in its manufacture as it ensures the warmness factor and durability of the fabric.

Double Breasted Coat

Double breasted style instantly gives you a modern look. Due to the front double line of buttons, it is known as a double breasted coat. It’s similar to the pea coat but the design of collar distinguishes it. Slanted side pockets increase the comfort level and let you put hands inside the pockets. The coat fits well on the body but also leaves some space for clothes. 100% nylon is used in the manufacturing of the fabric that is a comfortable and long lasting fabric. You can wear a scarf if you feel the fabric itchy on your neck.

Wrap Coats

Wrap coats are the best choice for the extreme winter season. They simultaneously play the role of the coat and a scarf. Shawl collar covers your shoulders and chest completely and protects you from the bad weather effects. Waist belt lets you fasten it firmly and gives you right fitting. Polyester, wool, and nylon are used in the preparation of the fabric. The basket weave texture and amazing design make it the perfect choice for classy ladies who are conscious about their style and health at the same time. Different lengths are available in this type but the knee length is more common.

Trench Coat

Trench coats are another amazing addition to your winter wardrobe. The design is extremely comfortable that comes with waist belt and polka dot ribbon. The fabric is the mixture of polyester and cotton while the knee length of the coat makes it a perfect match with jeans and pencil skirt. Though you can select the length according to your need and desire but the style fits well with mid-length. Pair it with blue or black jeans and get a quick trendy look.

Military Coats

Military coats are the perfect for working ladies who want a professional and active appearance in their working hours. The coats come in different colors but green is the most liked by the customers. Close high neck collar and complicated design save the wearer from the windy and cold weather. It gives you confident and sturdy look which is considered ideal for CEOs and bosses. Vegan leather, wool, polyester, rayon and other fabrics are used in the manufacturing of the fabric to make it strong and durable. Pair it with pencil skirts and get a complete professional look.

Tips to Look Beautiful

The beauty of a woman is mirrored by the clothes she wears. Wear smart clothes and you look beautiful. A woman with natural beauty can look unattractive because of the way she dresses. It is just the way she projects herself that makes all the difference for a woman. It is not in your features because everyone has their strong point and their weaknesses. It is important to highlight and play up your strong points and take the attention away from your weaknesses.

Your top is an important part of your outfit and complements your face. If you are wearing an attractive top it automatically gives you a beautiful look. Blackand white tops for women are very popular and every woman should have a few in her wardrobe. They are quick match solutions for events where you do not have time to shop and prepare.

A few black and white tops for women are a must have. If you do not have either black or white tops in your closet then this is the first thing you must buy before anything else. These are universal colures and they match with lowers of any colour. Make sure you have general styles that are easy to match and not something that will only look good with a particular skirt or pair of trousers.

Most women like to ensure that they have party wear designers tops. These are essential too. If you are the type of person who likes to party you should have a good collection of party wear designer tops without which your wardrobe would be incomplete. However, while you would like your party wear to be flashy ensure that it does not out shine your own beauty. Your clothes are supposed to balance your looks and not give you a dull appearance, because that is what will happen if your top is too fancy and draws all the attention.

Creating the right balance with your clothes and emphasizing your beauty is what you need to find. Do not forget that your make up should also be matching your clothes and not be too bold to attract attention away from your outfit. Your personal looks come first and your dress comes next. Your make should be put to enhance your looks and not that of your dress only.

Top 4 Standard Ethnic Garments For Men

Truly setting out on a journey to discover ethnic wear in India is like discovering another world, a world of exquisite crafts, fine fabrics and stunning silhouettes. Indian ethnic clothing largely reflects the Indian culture and it’s many traditions, bright colors and myriad hues are the primary sights that come to mind when envisioning an Indian festival or wedding and ethnic wear in India is an extension of these elements. While fashion for women gets more footage worldwide and is factually a profitable industry, men’s wear is not far behind. In India with the growing economy and rising spending power fashion has gained prominence specially amongst the younger generations, ethnic wear has gained traction as a result of this and the ethnic wear for men segment has profited in a huge way. With more and more brilliant Indian fashion designers turning their attention to men’s ethnic wear, Indian men has a range of choices to pick from when it comes to high fashion ethnic wear. Read further to know more about the wide range of Indian ethnic wear for men that is both stylish and traditional.

The Nehru Jacket

Named after the first Prime Minister of India, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, the Nehru jacket is currently trending in a big way in countries like India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. The primary reason for the widespread popularity of this Mandarin collar jacket is that it can be paired up with a wide range of garments and makes for great formal and casual wear. One can easily pair up the Nehru Jacket with a mandarin collar shirts and formal trousers and shoes for crisp formal look. For a casual outing, one can simply pair up the Nehru jacket with denims and ate or for a festive occasion, one can wear it over a kurta pyjama ensemble.

Bandhgala Blazer

The Bandhgala blazer or the full sleeved Nehru jacket is another example of dapper ethnic wear for men. The Bandhgala blazer is just as versatile as the Nehru jacket and can be easily worn with western casuals or formals or even be worn with Jodhpur trousers. The Bandhgala blazer is available in a wide range of fabrics in a wide range of fabrics suitable for both summer and winter wear.


The Sherwani for men is an example of ethnic wear for men mostly worn on festivals and as wedding wear. A majority of grooms across India, Pakistan and Bangladesh prefer the sherwani on their wedding day. The sherwani is a long mandarin collar overcoat worn over a kurta pyjama or worn simply with a churidar style pyjama or dhoti. The sherwani is often embroidered and embellished to reflect the mood of the festivities and the occasion it is worn on.

Kurta Pyjama

The Kurta pyjama is by far the most popular ethnic wear garment for men and is worn by a resounding majority of Indians, Pakistanis and Bangladeshis on a daily basis. The kurta pyjama is favored both as an item of casual wear and festive wear.