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Can you get a Green Card through marriage?

Marriage to a United States Citizen – If you marry a citizen in the US, you may submit an application for permanent residence to the USCIS office having jurisdiction over your residence. Typically, USCIS will issue you a work card and a travel permit (also known as an “advance parole”) while you wait to be interviewed. Depending on the USCIS office, waiting times for marriage interviews range from two months to over one year.

USCIS will determine if you are residing together by examining your identification, wedding photographs, tax returns, insurance policies and by questioning you and your spouse. If USCIS has any doubts as to the bona fides of your marriage, they may question you and your spouse separately, and may conduct an investigation at your places of residence and employment.

If your marriage occurs abroad, you must process the immigration paperwork at the U.S . Embassy or Consulate in your country. The procedure is roughly the same as in the U.S. except that the waiting time usually ranges from three to six months.

If the marriage is less than two years old when you become a permanent resident, your green card will expire two years after you become a permanent resident. You and your spouse will be required to submit a joint petition to USCIS to remove this two-year condition within the 90-day period immediately preceding the expiration of your green card. If the marriage has terminated because of death or divorce, or if you are the victim of criminal mischief, you may apply with USCIS for a waiver of the joint petition requirement.

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Things You Should Know About Recruiting Agencies Outsourcing for the right staff in your organization may result to high success rate in organization operations.Human resource personnel are a stepping stones for outsourcing right staffs for organizations who lack skills in outsourcing the best staffs for their organizationHaving the optimal job requirements , good behavioral conduct and ability to fit into organizational culture easily is what newly recruited staff are required to possess. Considering all these aspects while recruiting new staffs makes organization have a high caliber staffing personnel .Experienced and knowledgeable human resource expertise should be allowed to handle recruitment process as it’s a complex task . Most of the organization usually don’t benefit from their human resource decision even though they have in house built team and therefore choosing to forego recruitment agencies services when hiring need arises. Recruitment services from agencies is sometimes viewed as a waste of time and an added cost by many organization they think they should not bear.
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Incompetent staff personnel in any organization is experienced when the organization fails to use services recruitment agencies when hiring.Staff who lack required skills and are a recruited for high position may cause mistake which may cost a organization a huge loss.
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failed policy implementation, fraud and de-motivated staff are all effects of choosing wrong staffing personnel.Many organization overlook recruitment process done by the its human resource team but they forget to remember that ,recruitment process has to be intermingled within its objectives, culture and work mission and visions. For smoothing running in the organizations operations, the recruitment team should make sure that all the recruited staff have at least met the minimal requirements such as job skills and competency. There are many pros which are enjoyed when an organization plans to employ the services of the recruitment agencies than the cons involved. The professional personnel from these recruitment agencies usually possess high expertise knowledge which helps them to screen the right staff for any position. Handling many clients with different recruitment option makes the recruitment agencies to have good customer rapport as they have mastered all ways dealing with clients. The recruitment agencies are known to offer guidelines to recruitment procedures which any organization should employ so that it may have the right staff in their panel. The wide job applicant accessibility makes the recruitment agencies win over attention to get best staff for any organization as the applicants are outsourced from many institutions which include banks,saccos and universities and thus filling the required post. The recruitment agencies usually do help in process of forward and backward recruiting thus enabling any human resource team to nurture their skills when it comes to hiring the right staff.

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Advice on Resume Templates Education is a technique of imparting knowledge and skills. Education has been known to begin from the time a kid is born. A kid must pass from the various steps of education. These steps of education are pre-unit, primary, secondary, and tertiary level. It is obvious for education to be more expounded when one moves to the next level. A teacher is a professional person gives knowledge on students. A professor must apply various methods to impart knowledge and skills to students. It is obvious for a teacher to test whether pupils are understanding by giving them an exam. The education that we acquire at school is helpful in life. The skills and knowledge that we get at school aid us in solving problems in life. We have for an example those who are educated to be able to solve a financial problem in a short period. Skills and knowledge gotten in school aid us in our careers. Every career must come as a result of education. Education assist us to associate with our friends. We get educated on how to deal with our friends in a fair manner. Education forms part of your profession. Professors are skilled people who give knowledge on their pupils. It is obvious for everyone to complete various steps of education. The next thing for graduates is to move in the job market. Expect graduates to be focused after school. The job market is much different with school. There are many challenges in the job market as compared with school problems. It is obvious for graduates to depend on themselves after completing school. The biggest challenge that comes is to get a job. It is a hectic thing to look for a job. There are several techniques we can use to seek for a job. One major method of seeking for a job is by use of a resume. Resume means the summary of someone’s educational and employment experience. A resume has been known to be used by both the graduates and the workers. It is obvious for a well-prepared resume to lead you getting a job. There are some hints on preparing a resume. It is important first to gather the appropriate information before preparing a resume. Expect to source information from your friends or through the website. You should start your resume by indicating the objectives of your career. You should indicate the educational achievements on the second section. This section should include the schools attended and the grade gotten. The next move is to indicate your skills and experience you have gotten in your career. You should finalize your resume by indicating the references. It is good to review grammar mistakes after ending your resume.What Research About Jobs Can Teach You

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