Top 4 Standard Ethnic Garments For Men

Truly setting out on a journey to discover ethnic wear in India is like discovering another world, a world of exquisite crafts, fine fabrics and stunning silhouettes. Indian ethnic clothing largely reflects the Indian culture and it’s many traditions, bright colors and myriad hues are the primary sights that come to mind when envisioning an Indian festival or wedding and ethnic wear in India is an extension of these elements. While fashion for women gets more footage worldwide and is factually a profitable industry, men’s wear is not far behind. In India with the growing economy and rising spending power fashion has gained prominence specially amongst the younger generations, ethnic wear has gained traction as a result of this and the ethnic wear for men segment has profited in a huge way. With more and more brilliant Indian fashion designers turning their attention to men’s ethnic wear, Indian men has a range of choices to pick from when it comes to high fashion ethnic wear. Read further to know more about the wide range of Indian ethnic wear for men that is both stylish and traditional.

The Nehru Jacket

Named after the first Prime Minister of India, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, the Nehru jacket is currently trending in a big way in countries like India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. The primary reason for the widespread popularity of this Mandarin collar jacket is that it can be paired up with a wide range of garments and makes for great formal and casual wear. One can easily pair up the Nehru Jacket with a mandarin collar shirts and formal trousers and shoes for crisp formal look. For a casual outing, one can simply pair up the Nehru jacket with denims and ate or for a festive occasion, one can wear it over a kurta pyjama ensemble.

Bandhgala Blazer

The Bandhgala blazer or the full sleeved Nehru jacket is another example of dapper ethnic wear for men. The Bandhgala blazer is just as versatile as the Nehru jacket and can be easily worn with western casuals or formals or even be worn with Jodhpur trousers. The Bandhgala blazer is available in a wide range of fabrics in a wide range of fabrics suitable for both summer and winter wear.


The Sherwani for men is an example of ethnic wear for men mostly worn on festivals and as wedding wear. A majority of grooms across India, Pakistan and Bangladesh prefer the sherwani on their wedding day. The sherwani is a long mandarin collar overcoat worn over a kurta pyjama or worn simply with a churidar style pyjama or dhoti. The sherwani is often embroidered and embellished to reflect the mood of the festivities and the occasion it is worn on.

Kurta Pyjama

The Kurta pyjama is by far the most popular ethnic wear garment for men and is worn by a resounding majority of Indians, Pakistanis and Bangladeshis on a daily basis. The kurta pyjama is favored both as an item of casual wear and festive wear.