Winter Wardrobe Coats Collection For Women

Retro Online Clothing and different online stores offer different kinds of coats and jackets but ladies feel a difficulty in finding the one as per their needs. Knowing the style and type of the coat or jacket help you in selecting the best one for your body that fits well and improve your personality. Ladies especially working women and college going students must have these coats in their winter wardrobe if they want to make style a necessary part of their life.

Cocoon Coat

Get a chic look in winter with cocoon coat. Retro online clothing considers it the most important piece as the demand of the coat significantly increases as the winter season sets in. Funnel neck, rough fabric, and front zip are the main features of the coat. Some online stores or brands place front pockets as well. Usually, the combination of polyester and wool is used in its manufacture as it ensures the warmness factor and durability of the fabric.

Double Breasted Coat

Double breasted style instantly gives you a modern look. Due to the front double line of buttons, it is known as a double breasted coat. It’s similar to the pea coat but the design of collar distinguishes it. Slanted side pockets increase the comfort level and let you put hands inside the pockets. The coat fits well on the body but also leaves some space for clothes. 100% nylon is used in the manufacturing of the fabric that is a comfortable and long lasting fabric. You can wear a scarf if you feel the fabric itchy on your neck.

Wrap Coats

Wrap coats are the best choice for the extreme winter season. They simultaneously play the role of the coat and a scarf. Shawl collar covers your shoulders and chest completely and protects you from the bad weather effects. Waist belt lets you fasten it firmly and gives you right fitting. Polyester, wool, and nylon are used in the preparation of the fabric. The basket weave texture and amazing design make it the perfect choice for classy ladies who are conscious about their style and health at the same time. Different lengths are available in this type but the knee length is more common.

Trench Coat

Trench coats are another amazing addition to your winter wardrobe. The design is extremely comfortable that comes with waist belt and polka dot ribbon. The fabric is the mixture of polyester and cotton while the knee length of the coat makes it a perfect match with jeans and pencil skirt. Though you can select the length according to your need and desire but the style fits well with mid-length. Pair it with blue or black jeans and get a quick trendy look.

Military Coats

Military coats are the perfect for working ladies who want a professional and active appearance in their working hours. The coats come in different colors but green is the most liked by the customers. Close high neck collar and complicated design save the wearer from the windy and cold weather. It gives you confident and sturdy look which is considered ideal for CEOs and bosses. Vegan leather, wool, polyester, rayon and other fabrics are used in the manufacturing of the fabric to make it strong and durable. Pair it with pencil skirts and get a complete professional look.