The Last Remants of the Bad Boy Days

Before I moved to Singapore, I used to hang out with a pretty bad crowd in my late teen years. We would some and drink and we even got tattoos to represent our group. I wouldn’t exactly say we were a gang, because we didn’t go around doing illegal acts on other people, but we did do some things that weren’t appropriate for our age, and we had bad attitudes. Recently I visited the aesthetic doctors in Singapore to get rid of the tattoos that I had during that era. We all grew out of our ways from those days, and I wanted to say goodbye to the bad decisions of my past.

There was one tattoo that I couldn’t even believe that I had gotten. I must have been drunk at the time when I decided to get that one. The tattoo was on my butt, and it was a picture of a famous tennis player. I was a fan of this tennis player, and even at one point wanted to be like him. I guess if I hadn’t gotten mixed up with the group that I was apart of, I could have probably become a professional tennis player and would have even faced my idol on the court.

The tattoos had to be removed across multiple sessions because there were so many of them and because of their colors. The tattoo on my butt got a lot of questions from the doctors, and when I told them the full story about my love for the tennis player, they understood. One of the doctors was also a fan of the tennis player, and at one point wanted to be one, but he decided to go into the medical profession instead. It’s funny how many people this one tennis player have inspired.